Get to the Root Cause

Whether it is high claims inventory, low auto-adjudication rates, or issues with payment accuracy, Catalyst Solutions can systematically analyze a plan’s end-to-end configuration processing capabilities to identify areas for optimization. Our targeted analysis and prioritized recommendations provide clients with a consumable roadmap of improvements to transform configuration and improve operational efficiency.

Configuration Design

Pend rationale, provider data setup, encounter processing, and benefit plan implementation are just a few of the process-driven configuration elements that can stymie even the most mature organizations. Catalyst will review your approach and compare it to industry best practices to ensure your organization is leveraging the best possible configuration design. Our consultants' deep understanding of your core system capabilities ensures a configuration which fully leverages its functionality, reducing the need for work-arounds, custom code, and manual processes.

Change Management and Training

Our collaborative approach empowers our clients.Thorough knowledge transfer and proper training, issues-tracking strategies, and improved documentation, we ensure our clients continue sustainable success within their configuration operations long after we've completed our work.