Scott Martin

Executive Vice President, Advisory Solutions

Scott Martin is the Executive Vice President of Advisory Solutions, overseeing Catalyst’s Advisory Consultants and Advisory Consulting engagements. Scott has over 20 years of experience in healthcare with a proven track record in business and growth strategy. He is a trusted partner to c-suite executives; helping them maximize their position in the marketplace while ensuring their plans deliver innovative and high-quality service to members and providers. With a deep understanding of the operational and clinical functions within the healthcare plan, Scott’s experience includes the areas of Medical Management, Enrollment, Customer Services, Claims, Billing and Data, and Analytics and Reporting.

Scott has worked with health plans to develop solutions that focus on improving organizational effectiveness, technology integration, defining commercialization strategies, and executing new product launches. Before joining the team at Catalyst, Scott was the Associate Vice President of Business Transformation with TriZetto™/Cognizant™. His practice focused on optimization technology and business practices to improve patient outcomes while reducing cost of care. Prior to TriZetto™/Cognizant™, Scott was the Chief Information Officer with Kocsis Consulting Group – a consulting firm that focuses on helping healthcare payers with large-scale implementations, process improvement, and training.

The combination of his experience as a healthcare CIO and as a consultant with healthcare organizations enables Scott to understand the business, technical, and operational aspects of Catalyst, as well as Catalyst’s clients.

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