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Greatness Starts Here

Great health plans are not created overnight. In fact, with health plans, it’s quite the opposite. Being in business for years can have a complicating effect- tangled technology roadmaps, overly complex or absentee business process, and configuration that doesn’t serve the business. With costs and member expectations soaring and the competition getting wiser every day, being a “good” or “ok” health plan just doesn’t cut it anymore.

So, what makes a health plan great?

Great health plans are always thinking about what it takes to be different and know that apathy in potential membership is just as detrimental to business as a fierce competitor. Slick logos and slogans are a great starter, but ultimately, a great health plan digs in to what their plan stands for and takes measures every day to create and preserve their end to end brand authenticity. The cornerstone of solid brand authenticity at a great health plan is a “wow” customer experience. It’s the digital age and constituents expect the same ease of customer service as their favorite on-line store.

Just as important as being different is the plan’s ability to effectively manage its membership and to reduce their administrative burden. Streamlining business process, configuration, member contact, and eliminating technology inefficiencies are all integral to reducing the overall cost per member. A great health plan is dedicated to improving the quality of care management, making data driven decisions, and can digest regulatory mandates with relative ease.

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